Young Living @ APAC 2015 SUMMIT LEADERSHIP CONVENTION in Singapore.


News Update about Young Living @ APAC SUMMIT LEADERSHIP CONVENTION Singapore.

COO turun padang dan bgtau tentang progress syarikat sepanjang tahun.

Warehouse YL di Utah sedang dibina satu kali ganda lebih besar dr yg ada kini, dari 100 ribu kaki persegi kepada 200 ribu kaki persegi.

Bangunan baru juga dibina khas untuk department Call Centre. Currently, they have 5 buildings for Call Centre but due to extremely high demand, they build up another building for the 6th Call Centre. Yeayyy!!

I am so blessed to be part of Young Living FAMILY. I want to invite you to be part of this wonderful and generous company too. Whats App me or my team for consultation on how to become a successful Enterpreneur with Young Living.

Teacher Watie
OilyLicious™ Leader
016 2033340


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